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The Wagram

The Region

If there was the title “newcomer” for a certain wine area, the Wagram would have the best chances on it.

He is thousands of years old, still adolescent  and dynamic.

So far known as an insider tip, it now has become a dynamic wine growing region. With its wineries and wines it has now become a fixed and promising part of the Austrian wine scene.

Located on the left bank of the Danube between Grafenegg in the west and the Heldenberg in the east, is the Wagram, which is derived from the word "Wogenrain”, the prototype of an ideal wine growing region with about 2,400 hectares of vineyards.

Soil and Climate - The „Terroir“

Following the last Ice Age, the wind blew layers, often up to 20 meters of loam, sand and lime - the loess - in. It is rich in fossils and minerals, deep and solid.

Due to the geological and climatic uniformity the Wagram can be described as ideal and typical wine-growing region.

Pannonian influences with cool nights and warm sunny days characterize the climate.