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Between Tradition and Modern Spirit

A short view into the chronicles of the vineyard should inform about the story of the winegrowing and its growers.


The vineyard was first mentioned in documents and has since then been in family ownership. At that time, our own wine is already brought to Vienna with horses and sold there.


Russian soldiers arrive in the area around Baumgarten am Wagram. The winemakers, Ignaz und Maria Schmid bury about hundred bottles of wine in the cellar, in order to protect it from the soldiers. Some of this rare wine is still in the loess soil.


The grandparents, Ferdinand and Maria Heiderer, take over the business. Particular attention is placed on the development of viticulture. The old wooden press will soon be replaced by a hose press for genty pressing and “Rototanks” for the production of red wine are purchased.


Starting this year, the business is led by Helmut and Gabriele Mayer. Inspired by some master colleagues the ambitious winegrower sets mainly on quality and dainty cleanliness. As he is very fond of red wine in 1991he is the national winner at the Krems wine fair with the “1990 Zweigelt Ried Bergthal”.


The two older children, Stefan and Reinhard have completed their education and military service and are from then full time at work with lot of renewed energy and enthusiasm.

2007 - 2010

The task sharing in the business is reorganized, the customer base in western Austria is expanded and the new machine hall is finished. A new washing- and filling station, a new tractor and a new press were purchased.


We plan an extention of our cellar…      

2012 - ...

At the moment, the planning of our celler extention is going on ...