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The Wines

The basis to enjoyment

Wines so manifold and exciting as life itself, cultivated and maintained after our nature connected tradition.

Our philosophy is to set the uniquenesss of the vinyards of the “Wagram” into a bottle in an irresistible form and to deliver complex impressions to the connoisseur.

Modern cellar technology is only one of many conditions for an optimal product. In the end however experience and tact for each variety are crucial.

The secret of the fruityness

Easy bruising of the berries - individual mash standing times - careful compression - exact clarification and controlled cooled fermentation let the must mature to sort typical, fine fruity wines every year of its own profile.

From the grape into the glass

The power and variety of aroma that nature gives to the grapes, we try to harvest and to preserve in optimum manner. Nevertheless every the harvest of every year is differently and we as a wine-growers try to react with much empathy to the different harvests.

The harvest of each vineyard is carried out at the optimum moment - often also in several runs.

The "certain something"

The Terroir, that gives the wines the "certain something", accommodates especially the main variety of the Wagram the “Grüner Veltliner” who develops his entirely independent character in the loam.

Generally, the Wagram stands for multifaceted varieties: Besides the white wine with distinct style of the area one finds just as rich red wines at the Wagram - large part “Blauer Zweigelt”, and outstanding Frizzante.
The “Rote Veltliner” can be seen as a peculiarity in the varieties respectively the wine offer, who finds optimal conditions at the “Wagram”. Out of this probably very old variety , very fine, partially delicate wines are produced. This wine is storable and has a bouncing acid. By the way, the “Rote Veltliner” is not an easy variety. He claims high standards to the area, racts very sensible to freezing and is damageable by fungal infection - a challenge for us wine-growers.